About Me

 Veronica Fuxa is 26 years old.  She started writing stories when she was 11 years old. She published her first book, Red Smoke, in high school. She published her second book, What is Normal?, while attending college at Northern Oklahoma College in Enid, Oklahoma. She graduated with a bachelor's in English Education in 2020 at the University of Central Oklahoma and a master's in Reading in 2022 at UCO. She currently teaches and helps students learn the love of reading.

Veronica Fuxa

   Young Adult Author

      Interview from the Enid News and Eagle

    Q: When do you find the time to write?

     A: "My best ideas are at night, so usually when I come home from school, I'll eat, might  
         watch a little TV, then for the rest of the night, I'll write.  It's good to write every day."